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  • A 24-hour laundromat in a high crime area is a goldmine.   Don't pass up the opportunity.  On the other hand, a 24-hour laundromat in a low crime area is a waste of labor... don't even bother. ------------------------------ Steven Matrix Store Owner ...

  • Don't just use any grout.  Be sure to use grout specifically made for machinery or steel plates.  This also works: ------------------------------ Steven Matrix Store Owner/ Employee Laundry ...

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    I have wasco dry ADC indicator blinks twice,which is flame no call for heat. any part to replace? thank you ------------------------------ hein choi Store Owner/ Employee calgary Ab ------------------------------

  • Steven & others, I wonder how your linked to PTFE version of wd40 compares to Tri-Flow that our local locksmiths recommend over regular wd40 for less future gumming of whatever. ------------------------------ Michael Walsh Store Owner/ ...

  • Ken & others, We were 24/7 back 1959 & 1960.  I was told too many times ... messes were found by my folks in the morning so we went to 6am-11pm daily & then 7am-10pm daily & then eventually what we are now ...  8am-10pm 7 days a week.  We definitely ...


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