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  • Thanks Chris. I have BC1200 too and they are a pain. The bill acceptor always have issues. ------------------------------ Don D [Store Owner / Employee] Orange County CA [Orange County]Potential Investor ------------------------------

  • I have a Rowe BC1200 and according to the manual, hopper part #65027609 can hold quarters, dollars or tokens. ​ ------------------------------ Chris Mallam Norfolk VA ------------------------------

  • You may want to consider Imonex drops.  My current situation is that I accept Dollar Coins as well as Quarters which are distributed through my Hamilton changers.  In addition, I have a Rowe machine that accepts credit cards and dispenses quarter tokens ...

  • The way you discharged the capacitor is the correct way. It will not damage the underlying computer board. If customers are nearby, it's a good idea to inform them that the machine might spark (harmlessly) when you discharge the capacitor. It's very ...

  • Chris,  What about the changer, I have Rowe changers. Would they be able to handle the $1 coins? ------------------------------ Don D [Store Owner / Employee] Orange County CA [Orange County]Potential Investor ------------------------------


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