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    SOLD ------------------------------ David S KD COIN ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Classifieds

    Two BC 1400 rear load changers for sale. $ 750.00 each: rebuilt transports and hoppers. No room for a third changer in your store then buy for the components.  You get a spare transport. power supply, computer board,hopper motors, and hoppers.  You will ...

  • Posted in: Classifieds

    Speed Queen Stack dryer, cream color.  Single phase 120V, gas.  Serial # R0009011041, built in year 2000. Local pickup or buyer can arrange shipping.  Used dryer in good working condition -- sold as is.  Dryer gets good and hot and customers were happy ...

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    RE: Odors in washers

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    I don't know if acid will work with metal pipes. ------------------------------ Steven Matrix Store ...

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    I have a SQ FL SC030 Bmicro from 2005.  I had an issue with washer stopping midway. I do not know what ...

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    Hi Paul, recently one of my 40lb speed queen quantum silver said EFL. Like always we opened up the drain ...