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    I am retooling next week. Hooray! I will also begin to use Clear Token. I am getting information from ...

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    Competition is a good thing. It should keep us sharp.  For those of us who have bad competitors (or none ...

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    Since your washer has a mechanical timer you will need a coin drop with a readout that shows the number ...

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    I am retooling my laundromat and have available a number of washers and some dryers. These items should be available in 2-3 weeks, after the retool with the exception of the Horizons which are immediately available.. 12 Speed Queen Horizons 18lb Model ...

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    Are they still available? ------------------------------ javeed mohammed Store Owner/ Employee Fashion Cleaners Savannah GA ------------------------------

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    Hello I am planning to change Primus W series/Wascomat gen 5 my washers in January. Primus W series - 40 different sizes Wascomat gen 5 - 2 50lb W185, 5 35lb W125, 6 W75 18lb Pickup location Long island, NY Send me your offer at pstalsania@yahoo.com ...