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    Ken, I remember having this issue years ago..... I worked with a tech over the phone and we had to enable ...

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    Chris, Laundromats differ from car washes in that: 1.  Laundromat customers use multiple washers to ...

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    Dexter makes a nice hard mount 25# washer with a full sized dryer on top. I have some in one of my stores. ...

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  • Posted in: Classifieds

    How much for the non-refigerated units. ------------------------------ Todd Whitehill Store Owner/ Employee McPherson KS ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Classifieds

    Give me a call about those 80 lb. machines please john  615-473-4286. ------------------------------ John Floyd Potential Investor Lebanon TN ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Classifieds

    Established Laundromat for sale in the Burlington Vermont area. Family owned since 1946. 6) 35# Milnor washers 7) 30# SQ washers 4) SQ Horizon washers 8) SQ Top Load washers 10) 30# SQ stacked dryers 1) American Changer 1) Ven-Rite 6 column soap machine ...