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  • To say the least, business partnerships of any kind are always going to be challenging. In fact, the majority of partnerships I’ve ever seen have failed, rather than succeeded. What’s the problem? ...

  • When my husband and I bought our first laundromat in June of 2016, I had been employed by Corporate America for more than 30 years. However, I was laid off just 21 days after that laundromat purchase. ...

  • Of all the factors impacting the success of a laundromat, site selection is right up there with having sufficient capital to launch and operate a new business. Both affect a business’ chances of succeeding ...

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    I really appreciate the insight from everyone. Your point on the Horizon model is taken and I'll hold ...

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    Larry, Guilty as charged. I have one of those old top load places with more than triple the original ...

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    ------------------------------ Linh Nguyen Store Owner/ Employee Mobile AL ------------------------- ...

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    RE: Change machine

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    I want to buy the coin changer, how much do you want to sell it? ------------------------------ Joseph Adeola Store Owner/ Employee Baltimore MD ------------------------------

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    Good evening, please how much do you want to sell the machine? ------------------------------ Joseph Adeola Store Owner/ Employee Baltimore MD ------------------------------

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    WRK Services has been in the laundry industry since 2007 and a distributor since 2014. Since the beginning we have had a heavy focus on the repair and service of commercial and industrial laundry equipment and built a solid reputation around that. In ...