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  • Another year has come and gone faster than I could have imagined. Many times, I think about my mother, who is in her 90s, talking about how “time flies by so fast” that she couldn’t imagine how it ...

  • I’m very fortunate that my career with the Coin Laundry Association has enabled me to travel internationally to the trade shows that serve our industry worldwide. Each of these opportunities yield ...

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    RE: Speed Queen issue

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Make sure you have good contact where the glow bar sits. ------------------------------ Curt Harrington ...

  • Posted in: Open Forum

    I agree with Larry. Not only will you not be sending your customers away you might be gaining new ones? ...

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    These changers MUST MUST MUST have a VERY VERY VERY good ground! It sounds like your 40 watt board got ...

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  • Posted in: Classifieds

    I have a Laundry Lockers business that I run in Colorado. Things have changed and I'm looking to close. I can sell the setup to another party. If you've looked into this opportunity but didn't pull the trigger because of the startup costs I may have the ...

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    Are any of the toploaders still available. ------------------------------ James Stallard Store Owner/ Employee Wise Coin Laundry Jenkins KY ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Classifieds

    I am looking for good condition used toploaders thank you ------------------------------ James Stallard Store Owner/ Employee Wise Coin Laundry Jenkins KY ------------------------------