Eastern Funding recently hosted its inaugural Women’s Business Leadership Conference in New York City. The event, with a theme of “Empowered Leadership,” brought together academics, entrepreneurs and other business professionals with the goal of shining the spotlight on leadership that can empower women to gain greater career equity and success.

The keynote speaker, Dr. Syleecia Thompson, drew on her experiences as an entrepreneur, author and business management professor at Berkeley College during her high-energy and inspiring presentation. She offered tips that women can utilize in their daily individual journeys. From celebrating the little victories to creating daily reminders and to-do lists, the strategies she shared were welcomed by the standing-room-only audience.

Panel discussions dominated the remainder of the conference. Janytra Brooks of Brookline Bank moderated the panel discussions. The panelists shared their experiences and offered career enhancement strategies. In a lively Q&A session, members of the audience posed questions to the panelists that covered topics ranging from the importance of a college degree to how to negotiate a raise.

“Sexism is often subtle because it’s based on societal gender roles that challenge women in leadership,” explained Nancy Robles-Guess, executive vice president at Eastern Funding. “Women can change the narrative by creating awareness and highlighting specific instances. This event and others like it will help bolster the fight against biases and toward the goal of women being equal participants in business and career success.”

The Women’s Business Leadership Conference was co-sponsored by Berkeley College and Brookline Bank.

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