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2018: A Look Back

2018: A Look Back

Recapping the Past Year… And Taking a Glimpse into the Industry’s Future It’s that time of year again – a time to reminisce about the 365 days gone by – and to try to predict what the next 365 have in store. Everyone does it – from the largest television networks to...

Business Spotlight

Business Bio: Wash-N-Fold Express

Dan Thanh Dang, Gary Miller, BangTam Miller and Quynh Simon Wash-N-Fold Express Edgewood, Md. Before Getting into the Laundry Business... All of the store's owners are still employed full-time outside of the laundry business. Dan Thanh Dang, a former newspaper...


The Business Mind

Head ‘Em off at the Pass

Head ‘Em off at the Pass

Use Preemptive Marketing to Outshine Even Your Toughest Competition Are you are sitting down? I hope so, because what I am about to relay to you may be the single most amazingly powerful marketing technique anyone could ever use. Yet… I have never seen it done in the...

Wash With Wally

The Laundry Doctor

Getting Into Your ‘Comforter’ Zone

Getting Into Your ‘Comforter’ Zone

Build Your Business by Becoming the Comforter-Cleaning Specialist in Your Marketplace In today’s world of drycleaners and commercial laundries all trying to carve out their own special niche by adding extra services, such as residential wash-dry-fold laundry and...