On-demand laundry service WashClub, based in New York City, recently launched WashClub Buzz, a promotional arm of WashClub that will provide laundry and drycleaning operators with marketing and advertising support.

Through WashClub Buzz, store owners will have access to a suite of promotional offerings such as social media, online reputation, online advertising, email newsletters, branded content, PR and more.

WashClub Buzz draws on the marketing expertise developed by its parent, WashClub – which has accumulated more than 32,000 customers within the last three years, according to the company.

“Amid rising rent and heightened competition, the need to acquire new customers is the number one priority of laundry and drycleaning operators,” said Rick Rome, founder and president of WashClub. “There is a plethora of marketing solutions out there, but very few really cater to our industry needs and even fewer deliver any tangible returns. This was the impetus behind creating WashClub Buzz. Now, for the first time in our industry, laundry and drycleaning operators can turn to one solution to handle all of their online marketing needs and expand their businesses to the next level.”

With WashClub Buzz, operators can sign up for a monthly service package based on their specific marketing needs. All content creation, social media posts, e-mail newsletter content, data and analytics, and online advertising are handled in-house by WashClub Buzz.

In addition, WashClub’s signature software-as-a-service platform – WashClub Trak – is currently available at www.washclubtrak.com and on mobile devices through Google Play and the App Store.

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