Aaxon Laundry Systems recently held its Future of Laundromats Tech Expo at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Miami Airport East in Miami. The event, hosted in partnership with Huebsch, was “an immersive, daylong experience for laundromat owners and potential investors,” according to the Florida-based distributor. Attendees gained insight into the laundry industry – learning about industry trends, the latest Huebsch products and technology, and the newest Aaxon laundromat advancements.

The Aaxon/Huebsch Expo also showcased a number of presentations, including a session by Huebsch’s Jason Husman, Aubrey Pollesch and Jason Fleck, who covered laundromat marketing, point-of-sale systems, financing, retooling a store and fully integrated solutions via their company’s Customer Management System.

In addition to the show’s informative presentations, the Expo featured a technology products demo, as well as a hands-on networking experience with Aaxon and Huebsch representatives showing attendees how to increase store profits, reduce water costs and increase their competitive edge in today’s laundromat landscape.

“This recent Tech Expo in Miami was one of our best received and exciting events,” noted consultant Frank P. D’Annunzio. “We are proud to be aligned with Huebsch and to be able to both grow together with our customers.”

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