Caldwell & Gregory – a provider of laundry service programs to the college market headquartered in Richmond, Va. – recently announced its partnership with Equipment Marketers, based in Cherry Hill, N.J.

C&G, which has served the laundry market for nearly 30 years, will bring Equipment Marketers’ route and distribution divisions under its direction, enabling EM owners Dick and Sue LaMaina to retire.

“When EM’s founders, Dick and Sue LaMaina, approached us about needing a partner that would care for their clients and their team members in the exceptional way they have for more than 40 years, I was extremely excited,” said C&G President and CEO Bob Dinnie. “I have always admired the LaMainas’ commitment to excellence and for building a company of tremendous integrity. To be considered worthy of carrying on their legacy of caring for clients and employees is a great honor.”

Combining the companies made sense, given that they share similar business philosophies and geography, according to Dinnie. Equipment Marketers’ customers will continue to receive exceptional service, while benefiting from advanced support systems, expanded resources and enhanced technology, he added.

“The benefits of a partnership between both companies are tremendous,” Dinnie explained. “We’re excited to use our experience to build on an already outstanding platform.”

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