Today, the Coin Laundry Association’s Board of Directors issued the following statement:

The Coin Laundry Association’s mission is “to advance the self-service laundry industry by providing store operators with the industry research, connectivity, education and other resources required to be more successful business owners.” Our goal is to foster a community of innovative and successful store owners, focused on healthy businesses and satisfied customers.

With both our mission and goal in mind, the Coin Laundry Association’s Board of Directors condemns violent behavior and disrespectful discourse of any kind, in any of the communities we serve, whether real or online. Further, we vehemently reject any environment that engages in racism, prejudice, discrimination or hate toward any race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

We will continue to openly demonstrate this position within all avenues and interests of the Coin Laundry Association, as well as through the efforts of the LaundryCares Foundation, “which exists to enrich the communities of our members through programming that addresses unmet needs of laundry customers.”

“This release from the CLA Board reflects how our long-standing mission statements apply to this critical moment in our country,” said CLA President and CEO Brian Wallace. “The Coin Laundry Association and the LaundryCares Foundation believe that racism and violence have no place in our society nor in our places of businesses. I further believe that we have a responsibility to advocate for the fair treatment and dignity of our customers.”

Wallace also reported that the CLA Board of Directors established a Diversity & Inclusion Committee in December 2019.

“The CLA’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee will continue listening and learning; pursuing best practices while supporting our staff, our members and the local communities we serve,” he explained. “We are a stronger, smarter and more effective organization when we include more diverse voices.

“While the CLA is an apolitical trade association and does not endorse any specific political party or advocacy group, it was deemed important for our Board and staff to take the time needed to research these issues and release a statement that let’s our members know where we stand and how we intend to be part of the solution going forward.”

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