New York Metro Laundromat Industry Meet-Up

One of the goals of the Coin Laundry Association is to foster camaraderie and knowledge sharing among the laundry owners across America. The CLA feels that the ability for laundromat owners to meet, network, and discuss topics allows for participants to tap into an enormous resource of information which can help business owners to further their success.

In 2017, the CLA started a new “Laundry Industry Meet-Up”program with a pilot event in Georgia. There has not been a CLA Affiliate organization in that state, and, to reach the laundromat-owner community in a potentially underserved location, it seemed to be a great opportunity. And it was a great success. Subsequently, other similar “meet-ups”have occurred in Georgia, Alabama, Washington DC, and New York.

On April 24, 2018, over a hundred laundromat owners gathered for the New York Metro Laundry Industry Meet-Up hosted at Eastern Funding’s headquarters in Melville, NY. Like-minded laundry owners gathered around 3 p.m. to learn and network. The program began with Mr. Grell presenting on the best practices on retooling a store to maximize profitability. Then, after more networking and refreshments, President and CEO of the CLA, Brian Wallace, spoke to the audience about the use of technology to change the way laundromats do business. Furthermore, he shared some stories about how the local coin laundry can be a conduit for learning.

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Brian Wallace at Laundry Industry Meet Up

New York Meet Up

Laundry Industry Meet Up New York, NY

Another similar Laundry Industry Meet-Up took place in New Jersey a few days later. The Coin Laundry Association has not historically had its own meetings in these locations previously, though the demand for such events has been expressed. Future plans include continuing expansion to other locations throughout the United States to bring the laundry owner community together in a way that is friendly and beneficial to all.

To learn more about upcoming events, be sure to visit the CLA calendar on the website, follow the Coin Laundry Association on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and subscribe to PlanetLaundry Magazine.

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