Laundry pickup-and-delivery service HappyNest has expanded into the southern Maryland and Columbus, Ohio, markets.

My Laundry Delivered has created a strong presence in the Maryland market over the past five years, and we couldn’t be happier to partner with Mark and his team,” said HappyNest founder John MacKrell. “The success of our Maryland expansion is aided by our partnership with local laundry owner Mark McInnes, who has an entrepreneurial spirit and a wealth of business experience. As a laundry industry veteran, we could not have asked for a better partner for this new venture.”

McInnes, an Anne Arundel county resident, has been in the drycleaning and laundry industry for nearly 10 years.

“As many drycleaners are closing their doors due to businesses trending to a more casual work environment, we are growing our laundry pickup-and-delivery business year over year,” he explained. “We see this as the new norm in the laundry industry and are looking forward to partnering with HappyNest to enhance and speed our growth and target a new non-traditional laundromat customer.”

In Columbus, HappyNest has teamed up with Laundry Butler of Ohio.

“Laundry Butler of Ohio is an ideal partner demographically and has been a leader in the laundry pickup-and-delivery business in the Columbus area, making this partnership a logical location for our first Ohio rollout,” MacKrell noted. “The success of our Columbus expansion is aided by our partnership with local business owner Bruce Westfall.”

Westfall, a successful Columbus businessman, previously in the large format printing industry, will rebrand his current business to the HappyNest platform. Having been involved in the laundry industry for nearly 18 years, Westfall has experienced the growth in the outsourcing home-based chores.

“As consumers continue to experience conflicts in time management and time away from home due to busier schedules, a partnership with HappyNest will enhance our growth and target a new non-traditional laundry customer,” Westfall said.

Although the branding of both businesses will change to HappyNest, their employees, company practices and customer service will remain the same.

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