Imonex, headquartered in Sealy, Texas, has taken a colorful approach to laundry payment marketing by employing an animated video to acquaint operators with dollar coin and token vends, as well as to kick-start the company’s YouTube channel.

The professionally produced segment, titled “Imonex Laundry Explained in Two Minutes,” guides viewers along a multi-coin’s circular payment flow in a laundromat setting, delivered by caricature spokesperson “The Imonex Guy.”

Drowning in quarters, floating in space and returning safely back to the wash aisle, the narrator, aided by a store owner and patron, demonstrates dispensing, paying, collecting and sorting in an informative and enter-taining fashion, Imonex said.

In addition to serving as a quick primer for store owners exploring pay-ment options, Imonex reported that the video is proving to be a helpful marketing tool for its network of distributors representing the manufac-turer’s coin and token acceptor product line.

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