Laundry service and equipment provider Jetz Service Co. – which operates in 18 states throughout the Midwest – and PayRange Inc. recently reached an agreement for Jetz to provide PayRange mobile payment acceptance to all of its PayRange-compatible machines. Currently, the distributor has the payment systems available on 60 percent of its laundry equipment. However, this deal includes the addition of PayRange systems to all remaining compatible machines.

The economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic motivated Jetz to accelerate plans to enable its remaining machines to accept mobile payment, according to PayRange. Laundry is an essential service, more necessary than ever during a contagious disease outbreak – however, many consumers who are spending most of their time in their homes are finding it increasingly difficult to accumulate the amount of change needed to do laundry.

The government shutdowns related to the pandemic have made access for collections and service difficult, putting a strain on cash flow and raising safety concerns for operations teams. With mobile payment, Jetz can maintain steady, consistent cash flow as funds are deposited directly to their bank account, and it also supports the company’s interest in reducing exposure to employees.

“In the current COVID-19 climate, without PayRange on so many of our machines, we’d be losing revenue and facing unhappy customers,” said Scott Schenk, chief financial officer for Jetz. “Many card customers are also transitioning to PayRange now that building management offices, where most card kiosks are located, are closed. We’re also able to engage with our end users directly, offering them discounts, letting them know that we’re here for them during this national crisis where clean laundry is a public health issue. Getting our entire operation equipped with PayRange where possible is a top priority.”

PayRange recently added a feature enabling users to continue to do laundry even if they have a negative balance – a gesture of support during this crisis. This inspired Jetz to offer a discount through the PayRange platform, providing some relief for those who may have more laundry to do than normal. The discount provides help to consumers, while also encouraging other users to switch to mobile payment.

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