Mountain Electronics is celebrating its 20th year of repairing electronic circuit boards for the commercial laundry industry. Despite the company’s long and successful history, some fundamental business practices have remained the same through the years – including maintaining “a three-tiered approach to its business practices, with a commitment to focusing on quality repairs, excellent customer service and environmental sustainability,” according to Mountain Electronics.

The company has developed into one of the industry leaders in circuit board repair by always staying ahead of the curve in terms of research and development. Mountain’s technicians attend local service school seminars and the Clean Show to stay abreast of the technology in the newest machines. They also host solder training courses at their facility every few years so that their technicians have a complete understanding and up-to-date training in soldering.

From the beginning, Mountain Electronics has been dedicated to environmental sustainability. Repairing circuit boards not only helps businesses get the most from their investment, but it also helps lessen the resources needed to replace the boards and the machines they run.

In addition, the company reuses clean packing materials without compromising shipping integrity and recycles as much of its waste as possible. When using new packaging materials, Mountain chooses to use biodegradable cornstarch packing peanuts, as well as an innovative recycled paper wrapping for repaired control boards.

And, whenever a control board is unrepairable and the customer doesn’t want it back, the company will go the extra mile to harvest any good, obsolete parts from the board and then recycle the remaining parts. Mountain Electronics also has been generating at least half of its electricity usage from the 15 kW solar array, which was installed a few years ago.

Last fall, the company renovated and moved into a 10,000-square-foot facility – quite an upgrade from the spare bedroom the company started in two decades ago. Some of the renovations included a high-efficiency fume extraction system, LED light panels and skylights.

To help celebrate this 20-year milestone, Mountain Electronics is offering all customers $20 off on one order throughout 2019, if they include the words “20 Years” in their order.

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