Bob Schwartz is the Owner/Operator of WashClub D.C.

WashClubTrak, a tech-based laundry and drycleaning company with on-demand pickup and delivery, is rolling out services in Washington D.C.

“Doing laundry is a time-consuming, never-ending problem,” said Bob Schwartz, the owner and operator of WashClub D.C. “Our new online service gets laundry and drycleaning done to high customer satisfaction, without clients ever leaving the comfort of their home.”

WashClub D.C. was launched through WashClubTrak’s software licensing program. For an upfront setup fee and a monthly royalty, WashClubTrak licensees are provided with the company’s patented logistics software, a dedicated website and app, along with training, marketing and technical support.

“Busy urban dwellers want the convenience of on-demand services,” said Rick Rome, founder and president of WashClubTrak. “DC residents will benefit from the services of a laundry expert like Bob, combined with our cutting-edge, on-demand delivery technology. Launching WashClub D.C. is a big step toward bringing our NYC-originated services to another large, urban audience.

“WashClubTrak, a software developed by operators for operators, enables entrepreneurs to successfully compete with larger players in the laundry and drycleaning industry by extending the radius of their businesses well beyond that of a storefront.”
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