Thomas Reamer Laundromat Wi-Fi Talk Clean 2017

With the increasing popularity of laundry owners offering Wi-Fi access to their customers, securing your network and marketing this now-common store amenity are critical for today’s operators. As a result, Thomas Reamer, a systems engineer for Chicago-based IT Lighthouse, presented “Wi-Fi in Your Laundromat: Best Practices for Security and Marketing.”

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Here are some of the keys to securing your Wi-Fi network, according to Reamer:

  • Separate your private and public networks.
  • Change the default password on all of your equipment.
  • Make your passwords difficult.
  • Always use WPA2 AES Security with a wireless network.
  • Install security patches and firmware upgrades.
  • Secure your networking equipment — lock it up.
  • Above all, put up a firewall. “If your data is important, protect it,” Reamer said.

He then went through the pros and cons of the various service providers — from cable to cellular — followed by offering the different technical requirements needed for each separate Wi-Fi option available to laundry owners.

With regard to marketing Wi-Fi access, Reamer suggested that laundry owners do the following:

  • Advertise their stores’ Wi-Fi through clear signage.
  • Keep it simple, and make it easy for customers to get onto their networks.
  • Utilize site redirection to a company landing page.
  • Leverage social marketing and Facebook.

This hour-long, afternoon presentation was the third CLA-sponsored educational session during Day Three of Clean 2017 in Las Vegas.

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