The Principals at Marketing Firm Spynr Discuss the Keys to Promoting a Laundry Business in 2016 and BeyondSpynr was established in October 2015 with a mission to help businesses in the laundry and drycleaning industries see the importance of modernizing their marketing.The company was founded by Dennis Diaz, who boasts six years of hands-on experience in the laundry industry. That industry knowledge – combined with premier industry talent like ex-Googlers, PPC account managers who handle ad campaigns in excess of $1 million per month, UX/UI designers and content developers – gives Spynr’s clients an elite service and huge value for their business.Spynr%20Logo.jpg“From our roots in the laundry industry, Spynr has embraced and conquered change to make all of our clients into better versions of themselves,” Diaz explained. “Our services now help companies in multiple industries thrive online. And it’s our team of experts that makes Spynr special.”This team includes:• Ryan Reed, who has been in the digital marketing world for nearly 10 years. Focusing primarily on paid media at Spynr, he and his team manage in excess of $1 million per month in pay-per-click advertising.• Michael Peggs, who specializes in SEO and content marketing at Spynr. Previously, Peggs worked for Google in business development, forming digital media and advertising partnerships. He also is a blogger and podcaster, hosting the iTunes Top 10 New & Noteworthy podcast – You University.• Ryan Hilliard, who has been the content developer and business relationship manager for Spynr for nearly a year. He has written for a global audience and driven engagement for a variety of organizations.According to Diaz, Spynr wants to continue to revolutionize the way business owners think about marketing. To that end, he suggested two tools that today’s operators should look for:1. Spynr’s blog, which will serve as an online resource for business owners looking to enhance their digital marketing efforts. It’s an expansion of the company’s existing bimonthly “Marketing Spin Monday” email newsletter.

2. Spynr’s Web, Android and iOS technology, which will help boost engagement of consumers who use laundry and drycleaning services, and free owners from the typical contracts and other hassles of dealing with many of the app companies on the market.“Ultimately, Spynr will help generate more business for laundry owners and put their brands “top of mind,” Diaz said.Diaz and his management team recently shared with PlanetLaundry their thoughts on the future of marketing within the laundry industry:What is the most pronounced trend you’re currently seeing in the industry?Dennis Diaz: According to the Score Association, only 51 percent of small businesses have websites, while 97 percent of consumers are searching for products and services online. This massive shift in the way people find laundry businesses means that your digital presence or “online storefront” needs just as much care and attention as you put into the physical appearance of your business. Here’s the big secret: we all know that word of mouth around your neighborhood brings in new customers. That’s exactly what happens online, too – but only when you have your digital advertising, social media, website and review site listings set up correctly so that they are really working for you.Ryan Reed: Targeted display advertising and segmented remarketing campaigns allows laundry owners to get really specific with their marketing messages and nurture web visitors into actual laundry customers.Michael Peggs: Convenience counts, and one way laundromats are serving their customers is through on-demand apps. In the cold of winter or height of summer, when lugging a heavy laundry bag is that much more arduous, one way you can differentiate your business is with the services you provide. Not only will your customers benefit, but so will your bottom line. Technology can add to customer satisfaction, increase operational efficiencies and save you money – all foundations to a successful and growing business.What are you most excited about as we head into 2017?DD: At next year’s Clean Show, we’re going to see a new wave of businesses promoting technology – all with completely different models. I’m most excited to see how the industry responds to that. Having attended four Clean Shows in the past, this will be a huge leap forward. Modern technology has given us the unprecedented opportunity to stay connected with customers new and old. Clean 2017 should be an eye opener for those who are used to the status quo. Who’s going to jump on board and take action, and who’s going to wait for the case studies to be developed?RR: Businesses embracing online marketing more and more.Ryan Hilliard: Clean 2017 – I’m still learning a lot about the industry, and from what I hear, this event is the highlight of the year. I look forward to seeing where things stand and what I can do to help the progress.What are you most concerned about, from a business standpoint?DD: Some business owners are looking for technology to completely solve their problems. Technology is not designed to completely replace the traditional ways you sell your services and engage with your customers. Instead, it complements the existing methods by using the many online resources available to you. The tech-savvy business that provides great services will not only survive – it will thrive.RR: Most concerned about the growth of internet users in general and businesses still remaining primarily offline.RH: Convincing people to change how they’ve always done things is always a challenge. My grandfather owned and operated three different drycleaning businesses in Alabama, so I know how hard it is to convince some people in these industries in what direction change needs to happen.Where do you see the vended laundry industry headed?DD: Laundry owners are going to be looking for additional streams of revenue outside of self-service. Drop-off and pickup-and-delivery services are becoming more fruitful. It’s only a matter of time until we see owners drawing up game plans to reduce their self-service business. As a Millennial speaking, we expect convenience. I predict that vended laundry owners are going to be adapting some of the same concepts we are seeing from brick-and-mortar retailers in the online space.RR: I see it headed toward identifying and communicating with potential customers via strictly online means. Owners will soon realize that it is the most cost-effective way to market their businesses, because it’s measurable and not interruptive like most legacy marketing.RH: Pickup-and-delivery service is going to get even bigger than it already is. As we move further into the “Uber lifestyle,” I think this is going to be one of the biggest impacts in the foreseeable future – at least until someone comes up with self-cleaning clothes.What’s the biggest reason for laundromat owners to be optimistic?DD: Laundry is “recession-proof.” People will always look for laundry services. If you plan to be in business for a long time, it would be wise to invest in the longevity of your business. Whether that be upgrading your machines, introducing new technology or opening your business to a swarm of online prospects. If your competition gets to it before you do, it will cost you even more to outshine them. If you’re willing to invest in your business, you’ll have the power to keep it going for years to come.RR: Getting in front of potential customers is easier and cheaper than it has ever been. That means your business can touch more people than ever.MP: Laundromat owners are no longer limited to customers from around the corner or down the block. Technology is widening the geographical market, allowing owners to expand their reach in ways we never imagined. On search engines like Google and on-demand apps, we’re connecting our clients to customers outside of traditional zones focused solely on foot traffic. “Local” used to mean as far as the eye can see, but we’re finding new ways to grow our client’s business by expanding the neighborhoods where they can provide pickup-and-delivery services.RH: Everyone needs laundry, which means there will always be a need for laundromats.What are the keys to successful laundry ownership today?DD: Adaptability, quality service and passion. There are ways to remain nimble in this economy. Successful laundry owners know they have to embrace change. You can’t cheap out. Things are moving too fast and you risk getting left behind if you do. Quality service will always put you on top. Customers have to enjoy doing business with you or they will find other options. Lastly, your heart has to be in it. Being passionate about serving the communities that support your business should be the key driver.RR: Consistency and speed at which successful ideas are implemented.RH: Connecting with people online. There’s no way to grow a business that people don’t know exists. Find them online – and they’ll find your store.

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