Spynr, Inc. – a leading marketing company serving the vended laundry industry – has announced that its team will be building free websites for laundromat owners.

“Everyone needs a website these days, but for some it’s still hard to justify the cost,” said Spynr President Dennis Diaz. “We get that – and the Spynr team decided it was time to innovate and provide a solution. Nothing is better than free, so we’ve committed to building free websites for anyone in the industry who wants one.”

The websites will be built using high-quality, optimized templates that will help the laundries stand out online from their competition, according to Diaz. These sites are mobile-ready; offer a variety of options for customization and personalization; and can be used for any type of laundry business, including unattended locations.

“With a free website from Spynr, business owners have a quick and easy way to launch themselves into a competitive digital space on the right foot,” Diaz noted.

Laundry owners interested in a free website will need to commit to a $30 per month hosting fee. In addition, Spynr offers upgraded support packages that start at $120 a month, as well as marketing services to help boost visibility online and maintain a strong reputation.

For details, visit the Spynr website, or email hello@spynr.com.

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