Statewide_Investment_Seminar.jpgStatewide Laundry Equipment – with offices in Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando and Miami – has revised its investment seminar program, which features a new format and updated information. “The new investment seminar takes a look at the evolution of retail, design and profitability,” according to the company.

Statewide offers a number of seminars throughout the year in both the northern and southern portions of Florida. Depending on location, the seminar presenter will be Noel Orozco, vice president of Statewide Miami, or Jim Rogers, vice president of Statewide Tampa and Orlando.

Orozco has more than 20 years of laundry industry experience and specializes in brokerage and new store development. Rogers boasts 32 years of experience, with 20 of those years at Statewide; his expertise includes site location, lease negotiation, store design and financing.

For more about Statewide Laundry’s new investment seminar program, visit:

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