Jim_Rogers.jpgStatewide Laundry Equipment – with offices in Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando and Miami – is celebrating the 32-year laundry industry career of Jim Rogers, who currently serves as vice president of the company’s central Florida offices. Rogers has been with Statewide for 18 years.

Prior to joining Statewide in 1999, Rogers held executive positions for a number of laundry distributors in the Northeast, where he designed and built new laundries, as well as evaluating new laundry locations.

Rogers oversees the overall operations of Statewide’s Tampa and Orlando branches, including developing laundry sites and creating new opportunities for investors who are looking to grow.

“Giving birth to the rise of new laundromats and new laundromat owners is something I wholeheartedly enjoy about working here,” he explained. “Being a part of an experienced team, having the management that will support and take the risks, and be willing to teach the art to others is an integral part of the reward for me.”

A memorable experience for Rogers at Statewide was building a laundry for an owner who lived 3,000 miles away.

“I promised I’d build the customer a store he could successfully manage long distance using the remote technology of Speed Queen Quantum equipment,” Rogers said. “From the day the laundry opened to fast-forward five years, it has been an absolute success. The owner walked into his store for the first time after weeks of its opening and witnessed it fully operating with ease. The look on his face was priceless. I live for moments like that.”

Rogers will be on hand at the upcoming Laundry Improvement Expos on September 19, 20 and 27 in central and south Florida. To learn more, visit statewidelaundry.com/expo.

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