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If you haven’t experienced a LaundryCares Foundation Free Laundry Day event, we strongly encourage you to join us for an upcoming date at a laundromat near you. These powerful events draw dozens of families in need who have expressed their appreciation for some relief from their budgets and a sense of community and fellowship. In the meantime, here below is a video which was filmed at our last event in Las Vegas, NV.

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You can learn more about the details of this event by clicking here.

About Free Laundry Days

Free Laundry Day events not only serve to provide no-cost help when washing clothes. They also serve to promote learning and literacy among the younger members of the family. Through the “Wash Time Is Talk Time” initiatives being adopted by self-service laundry businesses throughout the nation, books and learning opportunities are being provided by business owners while clothes are being washed and dried.

The “Wash Time Is Talk Time” program has been created by Too Small to Fail ( in conjunction with the LaundryCares Foundation. At this particular event, members of Too Small to Fail had games, books, and worksheets on the premises to keep the children on site engaged in their learning with fun activities. Furthermore, over 600 free books were distributed to families. Also, a local “Story Godmother” dropped by Las Vegas Coin Laundry #6 to read to the kids in a reading circle.

Your Help Is Needed

As a 501(c)3 charity, the LaundryCares Foundation relies on its network of volunteers to provide services to underserved communities. Volunteer workers at each event carry away with them a great feeling that they have had a significant impact in the lives of their neighbors. Our volunteer laundry business owners not only work to promote and host Free Laundry Days, but to provide “Wash Time Is Talk Time” materials including books, worksheets, and coloring pages for families on a regular basis.

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Generous tax-deductible monetary donations by individuals and businesses wanting to make a difference in communities throughout the country help to fund the mission of the LaundryCares Foundation.

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