John Buccola Speaks at Convergence 2015 in Atlanta

BuccolaWASH Laundry Chief Information Officer John Buccola recently served as a featured speaker at the keynote presentation during Convergence 2015, which is Microsoft Corp.’s premier event for its business community.

Buccola discussed his company’s approach to using Microsoft solutions as a system of customer engagement and prediction to help drive productivity, revenue and profitability as the company expands globally into new markets. Kirill Tatarinov, executive vice president of Microsoft Business Solutions, interviewed Buccola as part of the presentation in Atlanta. WASH also was featured in the keynote presentation of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

“Our technology is one of the driving forces behind our healthy margins and superior service levels,” Buccola said. “We’ve leveraged Microsoft’s enormous capabilities by putting more of our organization into the cloud. By doing so, we’re able to drive productivity simply by moving to an enterprise-wide solution that allows for one set of data.”

WASH began its journey with Microsoft when it decided to move to cloud computing services wherever possible to minimize infrastructure investments and maximize the innovation of their systems. The company started by moving its data processing to Microsoft Azure. With the success of that transition, it then moved its end-user computing services to the cloud.

With Microsoft Office 365, all WASH employees can take advantage of modern productivity, communication and collaboration tools. With Power BI in the cloud, WASH employees can access powerful business analytics anytime, from any device and share insights with colleagues.

WASH also uses Microsoft Dynamics GP financial software to run its business and integrate new employees.

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