Yankee.jpgYankee Equipment Systems, based in Barrington, N.H., recently hosted its 40th annual St. Patrick’s Day Sales and Education Exhibition at the Westin Hotel in Waltham, Mass.

This well-attended event gave attendees an opportunity to examine the latest offerings from some of the laundry industry’s leading manufacturers and vendors – including Speed Queen, ESD, NATCO, Vend-Rite Manufacturing, CCI, Standard Change-Makers, Solomatic, SpyderWash, American Changer and Triad.

In addition, Aristocraft sold laundry supplies during the event, while Springboard and Laundromat 24/7 presented the newest technology for owners looking to offer pickup and delivery services to their wash-dry-fold customers. Also, Alliance Financing and Eastern Funding were on hand to explain a variety of financing options available to today’s store operators.

Attendees also sat in on a number of informative and timely seminars during the show, including “New Technology in the Self-Service Laundry Industry,” presented by Speed Queen’s John Smith; “Replace Your Old Equipment NOW,” presented by Eastern Funding’s Brian Grell; and “10 Steps to a More Profitable 2018,” presented by Coin Laundry Association President and CEO Brian Wallace. Each of these sessions was packed with store owners and followed up with lively discussions between the attendees and presenters.

One of the highlights of the weekend was the presentation of a $1,000 check for the CLA’s LaundryCares Foundation, which was accepted by CLA President and CEO Brian Wallace and CLA Vice Chairman Brian Grell.

“Yankee Equipment has a strong commitment and long history of giving back to our community,” said Yankee President Peter Limoncelli, in making the donation. “LaundryCares is dedicated to thanking those customers in underserved communities through free laundry days – which include not only free laundry, but also free food, games, reading and art activities for the kids.”

In accepting the donation, Wallace and Grell each expressed their gratitude, as well as expanding on the importance of the work the LaundryCares Foundation performs around the country.

“Yankee Equipment’s generous donation will help the LaundryCares Foundation meet its mission to connect laundromat customers with the support they need most,” Wallace noted. “Both the free laundry day and early childhood literacy programs demonstrate the opportunity and obligation held by laundry owners to support the families who support their businesses. LaundryCares is providing critical assistance to families, while elevating the way the public views the value of the neighborhood laundromat.”

Grell also thanked Yankee for the donation, while sounding a call to action.

“In my 30 years in the laundry industry, the most exciting aspect has been the growth of the LaundryCares Foundation,” he explained. “The combination of free laundry days and literacy programs for children not only addresses the needs of underserved communities, but is also a fulfilling experience for the many volunteers who have participated in the events. Thank you, Yankee Equipment, for your generous support and leadership. To others in the industry, please find out how you, your organization, or your laundry can participate in a truly amazing organization.”

Limoncelli added that he and everyone at Yankee Equipment Systems were grateful to all of their customers, as well as the vendors and industry stakeholders, who made this year’s 40th anniversary show such a success.

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