Continental Girbau Inc. has changed its name to Girbau North America. Spearheaded by Girbau Global Laundry Solutions – the parent company of the North American subsidiary – the name change to Girbau North America provides a clearer representation of the company and its brands, according to President Mike Floyd.

“As a company, GNA has grown significantly in terms of product offerings, distributor reach, markets and end users since first established in 1995 as Continental Girbau Inc.,” Floyd explained. “We feel – as Girbau North America – the company better illustrates its broad scope of both product offerings and services.”

Moreover, the name change helps eliminate any brand/company name confusion.

“This will ultimately strengthen our brands and make them more identifiable,” Floyd added.

Girbau North America’s brands – which remain unchanged – include Continental Girbau, marketed to vended, commercial and on-premises laundries; Express Laundry Center, marketed to vended laundries; Girbau Industrial, marketed to industrial laundries; Sports Laundry Systems, marketed to athletic laundries and health clubs; OnePress Ironers, marketed to commercial and on-premises laundries; and Poseidon Textile Care Systems, marketed to fabricare and drycleaning operations.

The name-changing initiative also impacts Girbau’s other 15 subsidiary companies around the world, which are now named, simply, Girbau.

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