LOW_Film.jpgLaundry Owners Warehouse has announced that it will produce a series of short films, to be created as a brand-building exercise. The films will feature Dexter Laundry equipment, as Laundry Owners Warehouse is a distributor of Dexter products in south Florida – and this new endeavor will seek to consolidate the relationship between the two companies.

The first film is currently in production, with an expected release date of November 1, 2017. The film “will share the story of Dexter’s and Laundry Owners Warehouse’s commitment to quality,” according to the distributor. It will include employees and customers who will share the story from their own personal perspective.

“We are incredibly pleased to announce that Laundry Owners Warehouse is producing a series of short films for generating brand awareness,” said a Laundry Owners Warehouse spokesperson. “The films highlight the dedication to quality of our company. The films will also feature Dexter Laundry equipment and their emphasis on providing superior products. We are also delighted at the prospect of giving our employees and customers a platform to share their stories about the brands.”

The films will be released exclusively on the company’s website, LOWLaundry.com. The company plans to release its second film of this series in spring 2018.

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