Western State Design will host four free service seminars developed to help vended laundry operators learn best practices for optimal operation and maintenance of Dexter Laundry equipment. These training sessions will be conducted by Dexter factory representatives and the WSD staff.

The service schools require pre-registration and will include complimentary continental breakfast and lunch. They will take place at WSD’s California offices, as follows:

April 23 & October 8
Western State Design Corporate Office
2331 Tripaldi Way
Hayward, Calif.

April 25 & October 10
Western State Design Office
17000 Marquardt Avenue
Cerritos, Calif.

The comprehensive training workshops – which are each scheduled for 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. – will feature instruction on the full line of Dexter Laundry equipment to maximize performance, improve customer experience and increase revenue. The sessions will cover the Dexter C-Series line of washers and dryers, including programming tips for the DexterLive smart controls to maximize efficiency.

The seminars also will include instruction on the installation and use of other popular Dexter Laundry equipment, including the Dexter Stack Washer-Dryer. In addition, the instructors will offer valuable tips on preventative maintenance to avoid downtime, as well as strategies for troubleshooting and diagnosing machine problems.

What’s more, attendees will be able to purchase Dexter Laundry parts at a 10 percent discount during the days of the service schools.

To register for the WSD Dexter Service Seminars, call (800) 633-7153, ext. 301, or visit https://westernstatedesign.com.

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