Statewide Laundry Equipment – with locations in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and Georgia – recently held all-day meetings for the company’s executive and sales teams at the Embassy Suites in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Attendees were led through a recap of the company’s 2019 performance and upcoming plans surrounding marketing, finance, technology and sales strategies to best position the distributor in the markets it serves, according to SLE.

The meetings kicked off with an awards ceremony to celebrate SLE’s top-performing executives and to acknowledge rising talent throughout the company. The Five-Year Award for loyalty, hard work and dedication at SLE was presented to Abel Urra, who is based in the company’s Miami office.

“I’m very proud of our executive and sales teams, and want to send my congratulations to Abel Urra for five incredible years with our team,” said SLE Vice President Noel Orozco. “These meetings were powerful, and it’s important to have these dedicated and focused occasions to help solidify our position as a leader in the laundromat industry.”

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