BCC Payments, a laundry-focused payment and control systems company, has created a free Wash-Dry-Go application platform for laundromat owners to use during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The app can help laundry owners manage the flow of customers and maintain safe social distancing during their wash and dry cycles. This app can be used with any brand of equipment in both attended and unattended stores. Employees or customers can easily set up accounts with just their phone number and receive notifications when the cycles are complete.

“The Wash-Dry-Go concept helps laundry owners protect their customers by encouraging them to social distance or wait outside during wash and dry cycles, then leave the store to safely fold their clothes at home,” explained Tom Merkh, president and CTO of BCC Payments. “We learned from the Coin Laundry Association, during one of Brian Wallace’s updates on COVID-19, that it can be difficult for laundromats to safely and effectively enforce this process. That’s why we decided to create a free solution that notifies customers throughout the process. At the same time, the app helps keep employees safe from unnecessary contact. When designing the Wash-Dry-Go application, it was important that it work for any laundromat, regardless of its current payment system.”

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