Business Networking

CLA Connect, the Open Forum you will find on our website, has been a major asset to the association. Certainly, in fact, the active and vibrant community that dwells there serves as a model online community for many other associations across the country. In a recent survey of current, former, and prospective members of CLA, largely because of our forum, “networking” was cited among the top benefits of our organization.

In recent posts leading up to The Clean Show, members of the CLA Connect Open Forum Community have begun a discussion thread about the “virtual” members of our website meeting in person at the convention. These comments have not gone unnoticed.

One of the nice parts about The Clean Show is the ability to meet other like-minded laundry professionals face-to-face. At the show, there are several opportunities at which participants can hob-nob with their comrades in cyberspace. Here are a few of those opportunities:

  1. The Vdara Hotel (located at 2600 W Harmon Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89158) is the Coin Laundry Association’s headquarters. This location was chosen not only because of its wonderful suites, excellent service, and close proximity to the events at The Clean Show, but also because its spacious bar and meeting area provide a wonderful atmosphere to encourage conversation and fraternity.
  2. CLA’s Hospitality events are held in the convention center on Monday and Wednesday at 5 p.m. after the close of the exhibits. Members and non-members are invited to Rooms N255-259 for drinks and networking.
  3. Don’t forget to visit us at our Booth #908. In addition to being able to speak with our staff, we are very close to a lounge area where you may rest and meet other new people.

Don’t be shy about your visit to Las Vegas and The Clean Show… through online collaboration and communication you can set a real-world “meet-up” at the location to shake hands with fellow contributors and chums from our website’s community.

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