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Are You Still Single?

Are You Still Single?

Industry Experts and Veteran Laundry Operators Discuss the Continued Growth of the Multi-Store Ownership Model Michael Addison purchased his first laundromat in New York in 2016 – and he has opened a new location every year since. In southern California, owner Art...

Business Spotlight

Business Bio: McPherson Express Laundry Center

Todd and Debra Whitehill Evan Whitehill Tom Aumiller McPherson Express Laundry Center McPherson, Kan. Before Getting into the Laundry Business… Todd and Evan Whitehill also own an independent insurance agency. Tom Aumiller is a facilities manager. And Debra...


The Business Mind

Let’s Get Creative

Let’s Get Creative

Strengthen Every Aspect of Your Laundry Business by Building Your Creativity “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have." – Maya Angelou, American poet Where would we be without creativity? The answer very likely is some version of “nowhere."...

Wash With Wally

Wash with Wally: Treating Smoke-Damaged Garments

Wash with Wally: Treating Smoke-Damaged Garments

I’ve been approached by an insurance company to launder clothing and bedding that has been damaged by smoke from house fires. Before I accept the offer, I was wondering if smoke-damaged clothing requires any special care. Also, is there any special way to treat...

The Laundry Doctor

W-D-F 2.0

W-D-F 2.0

What Does the Future Hold for the Wash-Dry-Fold Business? As I’ve been saying in this column for several years, the wash-dry-fold business continues to grow, morph and evolve into something new seemingly each time we look in a different direction. The future of...