Upgrading Your Laundromat

Five Steps to a Successful Retooling Project Since opening my first laundromat – O-Town Laundry in Salt Lake City – approximately five years ago, I’ve retooled three more stores, am currently building two stores and have three more waiting in the wings. Working with...

CLA Announces Speakers for Excellence in Laundry Conference

Every two years, the Coin Laundry Association hosts the Excellence in Laundry Conference, drawing hundreds of laundry industry professionals from across the country. The 5th biennial Excellence in Laundry Conference will bring world-class speakers and industry...

CLA Brings Together Laundry Professionals in New Jersey

Current and potential store owners, as well as laundry equipment distributors and manufacturers, gathered in Hackensack, N.J., on February 5 to network, enjoy a nice meal and sharpen their business knowledge at the most recent CLA Connect LIVE event. The program...

Industry Roundtable: Maximizing the Dry

Leading Manufacturers Weigh In on the Current State of the Vended Laundry Dryer – And Its Impact on Today’s Laundry Owners and Customers What’s really new with dryers and drying? Dryers and the very act of drying clothes and other items, by definition, represent half...

Ready for Excellence 2020?

Registration is now open for the CLA’s Excellence in Laundry Conference with inspiring speakers and networking in San Diego May 13-14. Get your tickets to Excellence today!

Commercial Real Estate

Originally posted - Jun 27, 2013 Some of today's self-service laundry owners are multi-store operators who have studied and learned the real estate business thanks to a series of building purchases and retail storefront leases over the years. Others are real estate...

Fighting the Good Fight

Originally posted - May 01, 2013 The protection of the sales tax exemption for self-service laundries has been the Coin Laundry Association's leading legislative priority for more than 30 years. It's an issue the organization continually monitors – and, therefore,...

Timing is Everything

Originally posted - Dec 21, 2012 Looking for a great way to increase your revenue? Have your store open when it's convenient for your customers. Let's assume you're doing everything else right to please your customers. You have the right equipment mix. You provide...


Taking Care of Business

Originally posted - Jan issue/2012 Here's How Four Laundry Owners Diversified Their Operations with Commercial Accounts In the laundry business, an idle machine is a missed chance to gain needed revenue – and it's an opportunity that can never be recovered. Perhaps no...

Marketing on a Shoestring

Originally posted - Oct 14, 2014 Whether you're a single-store laundry owner new to the business or a multi-store operator with years of industry experience under your belt, you both share the same dilemma – how to effectively market and promote your business on a...

At the Breaking Point?

Originally posted - May issue/2012 Today's Industry Manufacturers Sound Off on a Balancing Act They All Face – The One Between Washability and Energy Efficiency Industry manufacturers have always faced the challenge of producing commercial equipment that would clean...


Originally posted - Sep issue/2012 How to Respond When a New Laundromat Enters Your Market When the closest competitor to one of Brian Brunckhorst's coin laundries in northern California lost its lease, the multi-store owner was understandably overjoyed – and his...

Industry Showcase

Originally posted - June issue/2012 The Latest Products and Services from the Coin Laundry Industry's Leading Companies Alabama Bag Co. Alabama Bag Co., established in 1908 and is located in Talladega, Ala., provides high-quality canvas money bags for coins and...

‘Time’ Is On His Side

Originally posted - Nov issue/2012 New Entrepreneur Opens His First Self-Service Laundry in Upstate New York At only 27, Scott Carey can already see his future – and it involves dirty laundry. Hopefully, lots and lots of dirty laundry. After all, Carey is the owner of...

At Your Service: What Laundry Customers Really Want

Orginally posted - Sep 11, 2013 Attracting and retaining more customers are the keys to any successful business. As a result, figuring out just what it is your laundry customers really want or need to spend their money on – and then giving it to them – is the "holy...

Vital Signs

Neglect Your Store's Signage at Your Own Risk Because a laundromat is a self-service business, there is the tendency among some owners to have a "build-it-and-they-will-wash" attitude toward their stores. In other words, the focus is primarily on the equipment offered...

Think Like an Entrepreneur

Originally posted - Feb issue/2012 Cliff Michaels is a writer, speaker, strategist and entrepreneur. For more than 20 years, he has built companies in real estate, technology, publishing and consulting. He also is the former president and a board member of the Young...

An Allied Force

Originally posted - March issue/2012 David Cotter has worked for trade associations for nearly 30 years, holding various positions at five different associations. He was named executive director (now CEO) of the Textile Care Allied Trades Association (TCATA) in 1993....

Maytag Finance and Planning

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Industry News

Maytag Distributors Celebrate 16th Annual ‘May is Maytag Month’

Honoring the company's heritage and legacy, several Maytag Commercial Laundry distributors across North America are hosting open houses and service schools during "May is Maytag Month." These events will provide information on new laundry equipment, as well as feature...

Clean 2015: A Recap from Atlanta

Originally posted - July issue/2012 I have owned a small, unattended laundromat for four years. I am by no means an expert in the field. However, there are two bits of advice I might be able to give regarding what could potentially cause a business to fail, and...

Statewide Laundry to Debut Investment Webinars This Fall

Statewide Laundry Equipment - with offices in Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando and Miami, Fla. - will be introducing a new digital approach to presenting laundry investment seminars for newcomers looking to get started in the industry. Webinars, hosted by industry...

Huebsch Recognizes Its Distributor of the Year

Houston's Gulf States Laundry Machinery Honored for the Second Time Huebsch recently named Gulf States Laundry Machinery Co. the company's 2014 Distributor of the Year. "We are honored to name Gulf States Laundry Machinery the 2014 Distributor of the Year," said...

CSC ServiceWorks, Pride Laundry Systems Merge

Pride Laundry Owner Mark Goodman to Join CSC Senior Management Team CSC ServiceWorks, a provider of multi-family housing and commercial laundry solutions, and Pride Laundry Systems, a laundry distributor based in North Hills, Calif., have announced that the two...



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