The Laundry Doctor

Reflecting on Injecting

Originally posted - Feb 10, 2014 In past columns, we've discussed all of the different types of products and chemicals than can be used to successfully handle heavy-duty commercial accounts, as well as to service some of the more challenging wash-dry-fold orders. With...

Profitable Pricing

Originally posted - Feb 08, 2012 I get frequent calls from laundry owners asking me how to accurately price their commercial accounts. And the first thing I point out to them is that commercial laundry is a slightly different animal than residential wash-dry-fold...

Wash With Wally

Wash with Wally: Removing Ink Stains

Originally posted - Aug 30, 2012 At my small laundromat, I often have a problem with customers washing and drying their clothes with ballpoint pens in the pockets. This has created a major staining problem in my dryer drums. I have used rubbing alcohol and hair spray...

Wash with Wally: Fragrances and Scents

Originally posted - Dec 10, 2014 I have a question about fragrances and scents. Is there any way to add something different to the wash to get it smelling fresh, aside from the normal scented detergents or fabric softeners? Sometimes I wish there was something to add...

Wash with Wally: Dealing with Dog Hair

Originally posted - Jul 01, 2014 What is the best way to remove dog hair from blankets and dog beds? The best way to handle such a situation is to put these items in the dryer before running them through the wash cycle. Let them run through a drying cycle or two, and...

The Business Mind

Say What?

Originally posted - Oct 21, 2014 In past columns, I've mentioned that communication is controlled by the receiver – not by the sender. And it is so true. People hear and interpret what others say through a series of built-in personal filters, which include their age,...

Listen… Really Listen!

Originally posted - Nov 08, 2013 "One advantage of talking to yourself is that you know at least somebody is listening." – Franklin P. Jones, American journalist Humans (and most other animals) are born with two ears and one mouth – which can be interpreted to mean...

More Lessons from the Gift Shop

Originally posted - Feb 19, 2013 Several months ago, I wrote a column entitled, "Philosophers in the Gift Shop." In that column, I mentioned how every Sunday I work in the emergency department of a large metropolitan Detroit hospital. And, within this hospital, there...


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