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Wash With Wally

Wash with Wally: A Sticky Situation

Originally posted - Oct 29, 2012 Can you tell me how to remove yellow wood glue from a pair of cotton pants? I haven't found anything that will work. There are a couple of ways to remove glue. In some instances, depending on the type of adhesive, you can use a paint...

Wash with Wally: Should Tipping Be Allowed?

Originally posted - Jun 27, 2012 I'm considering starting a drop-off laundry service. Should I allow my customers to tip my attendants, or is this a bad idea? It's not a bad idea at all. If your customers want to tip your attendants, that's fine. In my opinion, that...

Negotiating a Reasonable Rent

I'm trying to buy a laundry that's located in a shopping center, and I would like to know what is considered a reasonable rent per square foot. I don't want to get stuck with a lot of escalator clauses. Of course, a "reasonable rent"is relative to the volume and...

The Business Mind

The Perfect Blend

Originally posted - Jul 16, 2014 I have often thought that, to gain market share, effective advertising is the name but cleverly pairing features and benefits is the game. Not only is this true, but I guess it's poetic justice as well. There's old advertising adage,...

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