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Wash With Wally

Wash with Wally: Cleaning Yoga Blankets

Originally posted - May 03, 2012 I have been approached by a potential commercial client about cleaning yoga blankets. If you're not familiar with them, they are heavy wool blankets about the size of a twin bed sheet. This client doesn't want to dryclean the blankets...

The Business Mind

Create Something!

Originally posted - Jul 09, 2013 Think left and think right, And think low and think high, Oh, the thinks you can think up, If only you try." – Dr. Seuss   Creativity has got to be the coolest of all the mental skills. After all, it's responsible for every type...

Shaping Perceptions

Orignally posted - Sep 28, 2012 Every small business – including your self-service laundry – reflects the personal ethics, values and specific work habits of its owner. Your "business aura" is an exact mirror image of you, the owner. And the people who patronize your...

Crossing Paths

Originally posted - May 07, 2012 Those of you familiar with comedian Steven Wright have probably heard his hilarious one-liner about a man who asks a parachutist if he ever finds it frightening to jump out of airplanes - to which the parachutist deadpans: "I'm not...

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