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Wash With Wally

Wash with Wally: Dealing with Dog Hair

Originally posted - Jul 01, 2014 What is the best way to remove dog hair from blankets and dog beds? The best way to handle such a situation is to put these items in the dryer before running them through the wash cycle. Let them run through a drying cycle or two, and...

Wash with Wally: Saving with Solar

Originally posted - May 10, 2013 In addition to purchasing newer, more energy-efficient equipment, I'm considering using solar power to heat my water and help me conserve energy. What are your thoughts on this technology? I would definitely look into solar technology...

The Business Mind

10 Years….10 Lessons

Originally posted - May 06, 2013 I've been in the laundry business for the last 28 years, both as a distributor and a coin laundry owner. And, along the way, I've kept lists of the things I've learned. Some people collect stamps or coins or baseball cards. However, I...

Toughen Up!

Originally posted - Jun 27, 2014 I once read that "the ability to find energy and power from what we can't know or control provides an immense competitive advantage." Of course, as self-service laundry owners, we can only know so much about our businesses, the...

It’s the Law!

Originally posted - Nov 26, 2012 The paramount universal truism of business is that all customers are people. Therefore, it's logical to assume that, if we become proficient at understanding the psychology of the human organism, we should end up as improved marketers....

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