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Know Your Place in the Internet Space

Don’t Overlook Online Marketing When Promoting Your Wash-Dry-Fold Business As someone who studied marketing in college and who has always assumed a solid grasp on the art and science of the topic, I now feel myself moving further and further away from truly...

Here’s to Your Health

Tips and Tactics to Help Keep Your Wash-Dry-Fold Employees Fit, Pain-Free and ProductiveYour employees are the lifeblood of your wash-dry-fold service. And, as that operation grows, you'll likely be thinking more and more about where to find the next great laundry...

What’s Your Number?

[Knowing How Much Finished Laundry Your Staff Can Produce is Vital to the Health of Your Wash-Dry-Fold BusinessSeveral months ago in this column, I discussed the Japanese principle of Kaizen, which is a philosophy that embraces constant and continual improvement in...

Wash With Wally

The Business Mind

The Obstacle Becomes the Way

The Obstacle Becomes the Way

Dealing with the Challenges of Business Ownership "One of the secrets of life is to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones." – Jack Penn, plastic surgeon, sculptor and author Eight years ago, I wrote an article that appeared in PlanetLaundry magazine and was...

Are You a Good Role Model?

Are You a Good Role Model?

Success in the Workplace Leads to Success in the Marketplace Did you know that the strategies you use as a laundry owner in your workplace dictate employee performance and their specific behaviors toward your customers? This article is about you, the laundry owner,...

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